Seven stunning features that you wouldn’t have expected on HTC One

HTC One is one of the most innovative phones we have seen recently. It has lots of unique features that can redefine the typical smartphone experience. The One is not just a contender from HTC against the new series of FullHD phones. It is more a fresh handset that is recognized for many brilliant qualities. Here are a few things that will entice anyone to buy this amazing phone.

4MP UltraPixels Camera: Putting end for megapixel war, HTC is now the first phone maker to introduce an UltraPixel camera. The HTC One’s rear camera is indeed something special. It can take video and stills in great clarity than the 13MP cameras of the regular handsets can do, HTC claims.  Well, the company is highly boasting the camera. It packs an F2.0 Aperture as well as Optical Image Stabilization. The UltraPixel sensor lets you capture more 300 percent light than the 13MP cameras.

HTC Sense 5: It is the most highlighted attribute of HTC One. The new HTC flagship touts the company’s brand new Sense user interface named the Sense 5. Along with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Sense 5 can bring about a new look for the One. HTC Sense 5 has lots of features including a new Blink UI, Sense TV, Zoe camera and more. Below we discuss those things in detail separately.

BlinkFeed (Blink UI): HTC Sense integrates a new interface, which seems to have designed in motivation of Windows Phone. The BlinkFeed helps you lay out the icons as tiles that can be resized. Indeed, HTC Sense and BlinkFeed entirely change the typical Android look. You can enjoy these features on any HTC Android phone with Sense 5 UI, however. The One is notable as it has premiered the feature.

Seven stunning features that you wouldn’t have expected on HTC One

Sense TV: Bad news for TV remote makers; the new HTC phone can itself turn as a remote control in help of a combination of features like the phone’s IR transmitter and Sense 5’s Sense TV. You can completely control your TV using the new HTC One. That is, along with surfing web on your device, you can just use it to change the channels, control volume of your TVs in the living room.

Zoe Camera: It is yet another remarkable attribute of HTC One. Thanks to Sense 5, you get Zoe camera feature on your handset. It is a special thing meant to let you “speed with the latest trends in mobile use,” says Trusted Reviews. It can take a snippet of HD video as you take a photo. It is then used to animate the photo gallery, making it smarter. It will even add music to the clip.

Two Buttons for Navigation: HTC has taken away the task switcher key from its new handset. Apart from the regular three keys, it has now only two buttons; home and back. As you make a single tap on the back key, it will take you one step back and long-pressing will open the task manager. To reach to the home page, users can tap once on home key and a double tap will take you to the recently opened apps.

4.7-inch FHD Screen: Almost all 1080p devices come with 5-inch or large displays. It is often a burden for users to carry the devices with big screens in pocket. The new HTC phone has kept up the same display size of its previous flagship the One X. As a result, the display can offer massive pixel density. It is now 468-ppi and so that visuals can be seen with great clarity on the screen. It is also a Super LCD3 display that can provide you great quality viewing experience.